Undergraduate Program

Haystacks in the Snow by Franz Marc

Dear German studies students,

It is with regret that I inform you of the suspension of the German studies major. The number of faculty who both teach German studies courses and provide essential stewardship of the program has been greatly reduced due to recent retirements in the History and Literature Departments. At its current level of staffing, the German Studies major cannot responsibly be continued at this time. The program will be suspended until further notice effective July 1, 2018.

Please be assured that current students will be able to complete their remaining German studies major requirements in a timely fashion. German studies courses will continue to be offered through the 2019-2020 academic year. Students with a catalog year of Fall 2017 or earlier who have yet to declare the German studies major may still do so, provided that they complete German language level 5, the German studies major prerequisite, by Winter 2019. The remaining German studies faculty and Stephanie Sawyer, the German studies major adviser, will continue to provide all students in the program with guidance and support.

Students admitted to UCSC for Fall 2018 are encouraged to think about pursuing the German concentration in the Literature Department and to investigate opportunities to study German in the History, Languages and Applied Linguistics, and Philosophy Departments.

While the principal faculty of the German studies program have unanimously voted to indefinitely suspend the German Studies BA program, we do not take this step lightly. We will participate in ongoing conversations about how the program might be revived in the near future.

Hunter Bivens
Director of the German Studies Major