German Studies Major Requirements

The Burgtheater, Vienna

***The German studies major will be suspended effective July 1, 2018.***

Prerequisite for the Major

German 5 is a pre requisite for all upper-division courses taught in German and for the German studies major. Students are encouraged to take German 1 through 5 as early as possible in their academic program.

Course Requirements

All students are required to take a minimum of 11 courses, and must include the following:

  • Five courses in German literature and history:
    • two core courses in German literature (LIT 183A - Z)
    • one core course in German history
    • one core course in either German literature or German history depending upon the student’s chosen area of emphasis
    • one comprehensive exit requirement (see below)
  • three additional core courses, including EAP courses
  • Three additional core courses or courses from the Germany in a European or World Context course list;

A minimum of five of the 11 required courses must be taught in German or principally through German-language texts.

A maximum of two lower-division courses may be applied to the German studies major.

Comprehensive Exit and Disciplinary Communication (DC) General Education Requirement

As fulfillment of the University Senior Comprehensive Requirement and the Disciplinary Communication General Education Requirement (DC requirement), German studies majors must complete an approved senior seminar in German literature or German history:

  • HIS 196G, Modern Germany and Europe
  • 196P, Hitler and Stalin
  • HIS 196X, National Socialism and the Third Reich
  • LIT 190Z, Topics in German Literature and Culture (formerly LTMO 190Z)

The senior seminar is one of 11 courses required for the major.

Double Major

A double major involves satisfying all the major requirements for two declared majors, including two comprehensive (exit) requirements. Declaration of a double major requires approval from both departments as well as approval from your college. Courses used for another major or minor may or may not also be used towards the German studies major requirements; consult with the undergraduate program coordinator.

Senior Check Requirement

In the first quarter of their senior year, or when they have completed 135 units toward graduation, all German studies majors are required to complete a Senior Check (PDF) with a German studies faculty adviser. The purpose of completing this review early in the senior year is to make sure all students are on track to finish their major requirements by their graduation quarter and to ensure that they don't experience any last minute surprises! Students who do not submit their Senior Check for review may have their graduation date delayed.


Participation in the commencement ceremony and degree conferral from UCSC are two separate, parallel processes. Commencement is coordinated by colleges, with whom students communicate about all commencement activities; conferral of a student’s degree is generated by his or her Announcement of Candidacy. This process is completed through the MyUCSC Student Portal.


All students who announce candidacy during the academic year are reviewed for honors or highest honors in the major. The German studies faculty advisers determine honors in the major. Performance in courses taken elsewhere and being transferred toward the major will be considered when applicable. The minimum standard applied is excellence in most courses for honors, and excellence in all courses for highest honors. Summer graduates are reviewed for honors in fall quarter.